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Digital Evidence Data Recovery and Analysis

The recovery of electronic data involves a two-step process. The first phase is to properly acquire the needed electronically stored data. The Computer Forensic Expert must be educated and possess hands-on experience in properly extracting electronic data from whatever form of media encountered. In order to facilitate the discovery process, the expert must be well versed in the various forms of media, types of data to examine, and possess the knowledge of how to find the evidence to assist with and expedite the discovery process. A well-versed expert can curtail countless hours of discovery by separating the wheat from the chafe.

A qualified Computer Forensic Expert is trained to comply with the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures and evidence authentication procedures. Unlike other less volatile evidence, electronic data presents an entirely unique and complex matter that the Courts have dealt with in precedent setting cases. The Computer Forensic Expert must comply with various standards and protocols or face challenges as to authenticity. The training, background and skill set of the expert must be such that he/she can withstand the rigors of examination under oath. Trial expertise, computer analysis, and knowledge of the Federal Rules of Evidence in Criminal Proceedings are some of the traits an expert must possess to serve your company's need for a Computer Forensic Expert. In addition, as is the case with most financial analysis, knowing what to look for, as well as where, to look is paramount to success.

Once the data is properly recovered from the media encountered, analysis of that data is the second phase in the recovery of electronic data. Knowing how to properly eliminate operating system files and other such extraneous files is critical in reducing the burden and time needed for examination. The capacity of a 12-gigabyte hard drive is equivalent to a ream of typing paper equaling the height of the Sears Tower in Chicago. Today an average hard drive is approximately 80-gigabytes in size. The shear volume is staggering and must be dealt with efficiently to maximize production, yet minimize investigative time. This translates into dollars and cents saved.

The first two phases above form two legs of the digital evidence triangle. Knowing what makes a good case is the third leg of the digital evidence triangle. Our highly trained expert with more than 30 years of Federal Law Enforcement experience is just the start of what The Whall Group offers in experience and knowledge. The Courts, based upon the credentials of our Expert/Director, as well as presentation of the facts, will evaluate the weight of the testimony. The Whall Group makes it easy, beginning with a confidential consultation tailored to your specific forensic needs. The vast level of experience and professionals on staff will work with key members of your litigation staff to strategize, implement, and report their findings.

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