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Forensic Accounting

The importance of forensic accounting has never been more dramatically evident than during the past couple of years. SES, Enron, and Tyco are just a few of the companies that have been hard hit by scandal. To avoid such scandal, shareholders/stakeholders turn to Forensic Accountants to determine whether their investment will fall prey. The CPA (who is certified as a Fraud Examiner), who conducts a forensic accounting investigation, does more than just audit books and records. The Forensic Examiner utilizes accounting skills, coupled with auditing and investigative skills, to examine and analyze books and records, inventory, and any other corporate assets. According to the Government's National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), employee theft is one of the most prevalent and costly problems facing business leaders and organizations today. Ghost employees, fake invoices, and conversion of corporate assets for personal use are just some of the techniques and methods used by those who want to defraud your organization. In order to defend yourself, you need to unleash the powers and skills of a Forensic Examiner.

Forensic Examiners possess special training, experience, and investigative skills to ferret out fraud, waste, and abuse. Forensic Accountants are continuously called upon to make assessments and determinations as to asset value and worth. Forensic investigations involve looking beyond the numbers and bringing to light fraud and attempted cover-ups. Forensic Investigators are frequently called upon to testify in Court regarding their findings. The Whall Group makes it easy, beginning with a confidential consultation tailored to your specific forensic needs.

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