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Turnaround Consulting

The Whall Group has helped turn around a wide range of companies in very diverse fields, both as independent consultants and through Bankruptcy proceedings. Among them are: one of the nation's largest payroll and staffing companies, a regional bank, a retail chain store, and tier-one automotive suppliers.

The Whall Group has an extensive background in Forensic Accounting, having thoroughly dissected companies' books and records, accounting and computer systems, and overall operations to determine causes of business failures. We not only have wide-ranging experience with problems most likely to trip up your business, but also the discipline, talent, and years of experience to root out waste and abuse. The Whall Group can help eliminate even the smallest problems that are unique to your particular environment.

We will analyze your business from top to bottom to determine your company's strengths and weaknesses without influence from self-interests and fiefdoms. The aspects of your business that are dragging your company down will be brought to your attention. We will help your company make the tough and emotionally charged decisions relative to issues of lay-offs, sell-offs, and restructuring. Waste and abuse will be eliminated to effectively bring back what made the company great in the first place. A thorough review of future plans, including pending sales, acquisitions, and expansions, will be conducted to identify anything not conforming to the best interests of your company. Surprisingly, this is often one of the areas most difficult to spot by those within an organization. Let The Whall Group get you back on track to enjoy the successful rewards once experienced.

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